“Thank you for a superb job. I am especially grateful for your attention to our schedule.”

                                                                               Jonathan Meyer

“Final payment for a job very well done! Contrary to all the stories one hears, it was a pleasure to have your company for two months during construction.”

                                                                              Carol Platt

 ” We want to convey to you on behalf of our members; our appreciation, not only for the fine craftsmanship evident throughout your work and your attention to the small details of such a project, but also for your willingness to accommodate the needs of the church. We would be most happy to offer our recommendation on Plumb Square’s behalf.”

                                                                              Elizabeth Sarfatti

                                                                              St.Pauls Lutheran Church

” I’d like to thank you for the sensitivity you, your colleagues, and the workmen showed us during the entire process. You did an excellent job of letting us know what to expect … You were excellent– if temporary neighbors.”

                                                                            Mark Kirkpatrick 


  ” Before setting his team to work, Jack Caulfield takes you through a dialog to make sure that you understand the implications of what you’re asking him to do. Then, if necessary, he gently guides you to a more logical way to accomplish your underlying objective.  Finally, he makes sure that all of the details are properly implemented– even if that requires tearing out a “first draft” and re-working it until it’s right.”

                                                                                  Charles Oliver

Chevy Chase,Md